Coffee and Oral Health


Can’t live without your morning cup of coffee? Need several cups to make it through the day? A new study shows that it may actually be beneficial for your oral health.  Read More »

Freedom Day 2014


Dental providers and businesses across the nation have partnered together to provide free goods and services as a thank you to our military.  Read More »

The Tooth Decay Index


Ever wonder if the food you eat is good for your teeth? Some food and beverages may be as harmful to teeth as candy. To learn about how food affects your teeth check out The Tooth Decay Index.  Read More »

90-Year-Old Hedy Epstein Took A Stand


90-Year-Old Hedy Epstein Took A Stand

Hedy Epstein, a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor spoke up against the issues in St. Louis, Missouri. The unrest over Michael Brown’s death moved her to stand up and take action over the issue. In her efforts to speak with the governor on the issue she was placed under arrest.  Read More »

Goldie’s Place


Goldie’s Place

Goldie’s Place is a unique multi-purpose center for those who are homeless. Their goal is to help transform participants into “healthy, hopeful, and productive members of the community.” As a participant, you have employability training, free dental care, clothing, and job placement opportunities.  Read More »

Get Smart About Your Mouth Kick-Off


Tooth Wisdom ®: Get Smart About Your Mouth, a unique curriculum geared toward educating older adults on personal oral care, had its kick-off event July 25th in Batavia, Illinois. Hygienist, Myrna Carril, delivered the presentation to 14 participants who were able to actively engage with Myrna as well as ask questions and debunk previously established misconceptions about oral health.  Read More »

A Veteran’s Tale


Harry, an army veteran from Indianapolis who has devoted the last ten years of his life to care for his mother, has been waiting for years to properly take care of his teeth. However, due to his lack of insurance and difficulty finding a job, he had not been able to afford all of the work he needed to have done and his issues continued to progress. But due to the free care he was able to receive July 25th in his neighborhood, he’s ready to take the next steps to positively progressing his future and continuing to take care of his mother. Read More »

Link Between Periodontal Disease and Atherosclerosis


Recent research conducted by experts from Boston University’s School of Medicine and University of Washington’s School of Dentistry shows that bacteria that cause gum disease not only can lead tooth loss and gum inflammation but may also be linked to atherosclerosis. Read More »

Dentistry From The Heart


Dentistry From The Heart is helping bring care to those in need. By going to communities in need, the organization engages local dentist in providing a day of free dental care.  Read More »

Tooth Wisdom: Get Smart About Your Mouth- Meet the Hygienists


Tooth Wisdom: Get Smart About Your Mouth is a hygienist led educational program to empower older adults who are aging at home to improve their oral health through daily self-care and to educate them on oral health concerns. Four hygienist have volunteered to work with our partners White Crane Wellness Center to deliver the Get Smart About Your Mouth curriculum to older adults in Chicago.  Read More »

Dignity Health


Vice President, Sister Susan Vickers of the community health at California-based Dignity Health addressed the importance of community and health in her interview with the Washington Post. She discussed how health happens in the home and in the community and the need for accessible care. In her interview she discusses how dental and health are linked.  Read More »

Older Adults and Soccer


The World Cup has individuals around the globe tuning in to watch professional soccer athletes give it their all to make it to the final round. Soccer is fun to watch and play. A recent study highlights the benefits soccer can have on your health at an older age.  Read More »

Oral Health Affects Personal Well-Being


Oral health can influence your well-being and productivity. The inability to fund oral care can cause further problems in other areas of your body. Dr. Phil Wenk, CEO and president of Delta Dental Tennessee addresses oral health deficiencies found in a dental survey and proposes solutions to give everyone the opportunity to have a healthy. Read More »

Bacteria that Cause Gum Disease May Also Cause Heart Disease


New research at the University of Florida shows that the same bacteria that cause gum disease may also cause heart disease, a finding that may alter how heart disease is diagnosed and how patients are treated for it. These findings may be another reason for the push toward considering oral health and overall health simultaneously from all health professionals. Read More »

The Aging Brain


Speaking two or more languages may benefit you outside of daily communication. Research has found that bilingualism has a positive effect on your cognitive skills. Speaking multiple languages may decrease the cognitive decline associated with aging and may delay dementia in older adults. The results are valid even for people who acquired a second language in adulthood. Read More »

Silver Sneakers: A Personalized Health Program for Older Adults


The Silver Sneakers program is an initiative created for older adults to have more access to fitness facilities, classes, and education at one of the 11,000 participating locations nationwide. For those eligible, the program is free and strives to be a convenient and exciting way to stay healthy while allowing participants to pick and choose activities that work for them. Read More »

Interprofessional oral health outreach program developed at AAPA conference

Denise Rizzolo, PA-C, PhD | 06.04.2014

The PA (Physician Assistant) profession is a recognized leader in national interprofessional efforts that promote oral health competencies for non-dental providers and has forged innovative medical/dental collaborations in education and practice. At the 2014 AAPA annual conference in Boston, clinicians, educators, and students developed an interprofessional outreach program promoting oral health education, prevention and treatment. Read More »

George Washington and His Oral Health Struggles


George Washington’s struggle with his oral health is something commonly noted when remembering the first president. While dentistry has made major strides over the past few centuries, it is interesting to see that he may have faced things that we still face today.  Read More »