Exercise Can Improve the Brain Function in Older Adults

A randomized controlled trial attempted to determine the ideal amount of exercise necessary to achieve benefits to the brain. Trial participants were randomized to different groups: a control group that did not have monitored exercise, a group that was to exercise 150 minutes a week, a group that was to exercise for 75 minutes per week, and lastly, a group that was to exercise for 225 minutes per week.

All groups who exercised saw some benefit and those who exercised more saw greater benefits. One improvement in particular was in the ability to perceive where objects are in space and how far apart they are from each other. Additionally, there was an increase in their overall attention levels and ability to focus.

Exercising keeps you physically fit and looking great. Staying active can also contribute to feeling more energized, improved functional abilities, and promote longevity. Living healthy, long lives is what we should strive for. Learn more


Thumbnail image from Diabetes Care 

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