Promising Practices

Meet Gino from Texas

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Meet Paul from San Antonio, Texas

Through his training and practice, he always knew the importance of oral health. He saw the connection between oral health and physical, as well as emotional, wellbeing of his patients. However, Paul’s work with the San Antonio Christian Dental Clinic solidified his desire to help the patients the clinic saw daily. The problems Paul encountered at the clinic were very different than what he experienced in private practice. Read More »

Meet Steve from Minnesota

Dr. Steve Shuman has been the Director of the Oral Health Services for Older Adults Program at the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry for almost 30 years, dedicating his time to training health professionals in providing better geriatric care, contributing new knowledge about geriatric oral health, and improving access to high quality dental care for older adults.  Read More »

Meet Heather from Oklahoma

Heather began working for NSO upon her graduation where she not only provides dental care to patients, but also is committed to outreach in her community that educates the public on the importance of proper oral care. Read More »

Meet Alan from Oklahoma

Dr. Alan McDonald is the Neighborhood Services Organization Dental Director. He has lived and worked in Oklahoma for many years, which has influenced his dedication to giving back to his community.  Read More »

Meet Michael from Oklahoma

Dr. Michael Thomas began his dental career in private practice but has found public health dentistry more rewarding.  Read More »

Meet Norm from St. Louis, Missouri

Meet Dr. Norm Freiberger of St. Louis, who founded St. Joseph Senior Dental Clinic to provide preventative and restorative care to long-term care residents. Read More »

Meet Lillian from Birmingham, Alabama

Meet Dr. Lillian Mitchell, Director of Fair Haven Oral Health Center, which is the only dental clinic in a nursing home in Alabama. Read More »

Meet Geneva From Texas

Geneva Dunaway is a dental hygienist and a native Texan with a passion for serving her community. After working for over 25 years in private dental practices, she now focuses on community health. Read More »

Meet Eli From Portland, Oregon

Eli Schwarz is committed to tackling the needs of older patients with regard to specialized dental care. Read More »

Meet Michelle from Colorado

Meet Michelle Vacha, RDH, BS, founder and CEO of Senior Mobile Dental, which serves the vulnerable elderly population of Colorado Springs, CO. Read More »

Smiles for Seniors

Learn about Kathy Woodward and Kathy Kne's work in Ohio, including the "Smile for Seniors" program. Read More »