Promising Practices

Meet Lillian from Birmingham, Alabama

Meet Dr. Lillian Mitchell, Director of Fair Haven Oral Health Center, which is the only dental clinic in a nursing home in Alabama. Read More »

Meet Geneva From Texas

Geneva Dunaway is a dental hygienist and a native Texan with a passion for serving her community. After working for over 25 years in private dental practices, she now focuses on community health. Read More »

Meet Eli From Portland, Oregon

Eli Schwarz is committed to tackling the needs of older patients with regard to specialized dental care. Read More »

Meet Michelle from Colorado

Meet Michelle Vacha, RDH, BS, founder and CEO of Senior Mobile Dental, which serves the vulnerable elderly population of Colorado Springs, CO. Read More »

Smiles for Seniors

Learn about Kathy Woodward and Kathy Kne's work in Ohio, including the "Smile for Seniors" program. Read More »

Top of Mind: Oral Health

When you think of "oral health," what words come to mind? Read More »