Meet Eli From Portland, Oregon

Eli Schwarz, DDS, MPH, PhD, is professor and chair of the Department of Community Dentistry at Oregon Health & Science University's School of Dentistry. 
Since most recently moving to the U.S. from Sydney, Australia, where he worked for about six years, Dr. Schwarz has been committed to finding ways to address the oral health needs of vulnerable communities.  And with so much attention paid to children's dental programs, he saw a need to activate others and take on the challenges faced by our nation's fastest growing age group--older adults.  

In Oregon, where a large portion of the state's population lives in the "metro" area around Portland, the state government's health plan is well ahead of the Affordable Care Act and has already established the Oregon Health Authority, which is in the process of organizing a coordinated care network focusing on medical, mental, and dental services for the Medicaid population.  Four of the dental care organizations have established the collaborative Exceptional Needs Dental Services group, which works to provide interdisciplinary health care to Oregon's vulnerable elderly population through dedicated dental care providers.

Dr. Schwarz is now focused on strengthening Oregon's dental coalitions and preparing the workforce for what lies ahead--an influx of older patients in need of specialized dental care. 

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