Meet Gino from Texas

Gino Garza is from Kenedy, TX and got started in dentistry by accident. However, once he entered the field of dental hygiene, he was hooked. His career has been focused in public health and education where he strives to not only improve oral and overall health, but also to pass on his knowledge and skills to the community. 

Previously, Gino worked for the University of Health Science Center San Antonio Dental School where he would bring dental hygienist students to the San Antonio Christian Dental Clinic once a week for a clinical rotation. He has worked as a Clinical Coordinator and Assistant Professor at Costal Bend College in Beeville, TX, where he continues to serve as an Adjunct Faculty member and Consultant. Gino served as part of the Dental Hygiene Supervising faculty at the San Antonio Christian Dental Clinic. After a year he was appointed to the clinic’s board of directors where he completed a one year term. He currently works at the San Antonio Christian Dental Clinic as the Director of Dental Hygiene.

Dental health holds a special place in Gino Garza’s life. His work with the San Antonio Christian Dental Clinic helps patients at or below the national poverty line. Approximately 30% of the patients that the clinic treats are currently experiencing homelessness. Gino states that, “I think it is the fact that we are able to help these patients with their oral health, which, in the big scheme of things, may not be their highest priority. But when they walk out of our doors they have a new smile.” This new smile helps San Antonio Christian Dental Clinic patients with their confidence, their job searches, and, most importantly, their overall wellbeing.  

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