Meet Norm from St. Louis, Missouri

Dr. Norm Freiberger is the clinical director of the St. Joseph Senior Dental Clinic.  Founded in 2001, the clinic strives to improve the quality of life of seniors living in long term care facilities in St. Charles, Lincoln, and Warren counties by providing preventative and restorative care. 

The clinic is staffed by a dental hygienist, a dental assistant, and six volunteer dentists.  Services include oral cancer screenings, treatment of oral health infections, and oral surgery.  Transportation is provided to the clinic.  To date, the clinic has served over 7,500 low-income seniors, who otherwise would have been unable to afford care. 

After retiring in 1998, Dr. Freiberger discovered, “there is a whole different world out there that needs to be served in some capacity. There are too many people underserved, unemployed, and (who) just cannot get any type of health care. If we really believe, as professionals, that it is our duty to serve humanity, then we must address these problems in a well-thought- out and direct manner."  This passion to serve seniors in his community motivated Freiberger to create the St. Joseph Senior Dental Clinic in 2001.  The American Dental Association recognized the clinic by awarding it the Geriatric Oral Health Care award in 2002.

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