Dental Benefits for Veterans

Gretchen Gibson | 02.01.2013

Dental Benefits for Veterans

Dental benefits to Veterans are provided through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) according to law.  In some instances, VA can provide extensive dental care, while in other cases treatment could be limited.   

The eligibility for outpatient dental care is not the same as for most other medical services the VA offers.   It is divided into classes based on why a Veteran would be eligible for dental care under the law and what dental care they will receive. 

To learn more about VA Dental care, you can go to their website.

For specific information about the laws and categories of dental eligibility you can go here to read the VA’s Information Brief 10-442.

Finally, to speak to someone directly regarding eligibility for dental care for Veterans through the VA, you can call 1-877-222-VETS (8387). 

Gretchen Gibson, DDS, MPH