Visiting the Dentist: A Guide for Older Adults

Daily cleaning and dental check-ups help maintain a healthy mouth. As you get older, you may find going to the dentist becomes more complex. Here are some things you can do to help prepare.

Medications: What Does My Dentist Need to Know?

Because medications can have unexpected but profound effects on your health and treatment options, you should always disclose the medicines you’re currently taking when you visit the dentist.

Medications & How They Affect Your Oral Health

Did you know that many medications can cause oral health issues? Be sure to keep your dentist informed about any medications you’re taking. Here are some common side effects to watch for.

6 Common Causes of Dry Mouth

Dry mouth can put you at increased risk for gum disease and tooth decay, and may even make it difficult to eat or talk. If you struggle with this condition, understanding the common causes may help you resolve it.

Preventing and Treating Dry Mouth

Though many seniors experience excessive dry mouth as they age, it isn’t inevitable. Understanding the condition and its causes is important to understanding what you can do to fight against it.