Happy Anniversary, Toothwisdom.org!

Last October, Oral Health America launched www.toothwisdom.org, a first-of-its-kind website dedicated to older adults and oral health.

The site connects older adults to local dental care options and educational information about the oral health issues facing seniors, including the importance of continuing prevention as we age and the overall impact of oral health on overall health.

Why Toothwisdom.org?

The oral health of older Americans is in a state of decay, according to a national report from Oral Health America. The report revealed that almost half of the U.S. states are performing at or below average with providing access to dental care for older adults. Additional research has shown that Americans age 65+ and their caregivers have poor health literacy, and an even poorer understanding of oral health.

Because of limited access to affordable dental services and lack of education about the importance of routine care, dental problems are often ignored or not detected until it’s too late, resulting in serious disease. Toothwisdom.org strives to address the barriers older adults face by providing reliable resources to and emphasize the impact oral health has on overall health.

Available Resources

Toothwisdom.org features many tools for older adults, caregivers and dental professionals, including:

  • Interactive (clickable) map that links to local oral care resources by state
  • Reliable health information on the oral health issues older adults face, the importance of continuing prevention with age, and the impact of oral health on overall health, including articles and blog posts written by dental professionals from across the country.
  • News and issues about dental care for older adults.
  • Peer-reviewed journal articles and educational modules for dental professionals working with older adults.