12 Octogenarians Ran in the 2015 Boston Marathon

Thousands of courageous runners from around the world gathered this week to participate in the Boston Marathon. Of the thousands, 12 runners were in their 80’s. The race was a  26.2 mile run from Hopkinton to Boston.

The Octogenarians

  • William Iffrig: 80- years-old, 46 marathons, 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing survivor
  • Daniel Shuff: 80-years-old, 373 marathons
  • Jimmy Green: 82-years-old, 50 marathons, 3rd place during the 1960 Boston Marathon
  • Katherine Beiers: 82-years-old, 50 marathons
  • Harold Wilson: 82-years-old, 16 marathons
  • Colben Sime: 81-years-old, 6 marathons
  • Steohen Bogardo: 80-years-old, 30 marathons
  • Thomas Marrin: 82-years-old, 30 marathons
  • Douglas Elgie: 80-years-old, 10 marathons
  • Jim Schleisman: 81-years-old, 104 marathons
  • Christopher ‘Kit’ Smith: 80-years-old, 54 marathons

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Interested in Joining the Fun?

Regular exercise helps improve your overall health and lowers your risk for chronic diseases. It is never too late to start adding physical activity to your weekly routine.

Pick activities that you enjoy and that match your abilities. This will help you stick with them.

The National Institute on Aging at NIH Go4Life program is here to help you get fit. Their website has evidence-based resourced aimed to help you be physically active every day in ways that work for you.