Is Arthritis Affecting Your Oral Care?

The effect arthritis has on how you hold and interact with objects can also cause problems with keeping your mouth clean. Holding a toothbrush — or handling dental floss — can be very challenging.

What Can I Do if I Have Arthritis?

Electric toothbrushes will do a lot of the work for you, so the use of an electric toothbrush may be of consideration for easier tooth brushing.

Another option is to modify your regular toothbrush, like in the ways below:

  • Create a small hole in a tennis ball, then stick the end of the toothbrush handle inside the ball to make it easier to grip.
  • Wrap a washcloth around the handle of the toothbrush, and if you like secure it with some rubber bands. This may also make gripping easier.

For flossing, consider purchasing a floss holder and possibly adding the same modification of a tennis ball or washcloth to the holder handle!

Here are some helpful suggestions for treating arthritis-induced pain from