Workshop to Educate Seniors About Oral Health Kicks Off in Batavia, IL

The inaugural launch of Tooth Wisdom®: Get Smart About Your Mouth kicked off on July 25th, 2017 with the help of hygienist Myrna Carril in Batavia, IL with 14 seniors in attendance. The new workshop, designed by Oral Health America, provides information for seniors on how to maintain and improve their oral health.

This particular July afternoon was full of laughter and learning as the workshop progressed. Participants learned about a range of oral health information, from small tips about daily care to more in-depth questions about complications that may arise later in life. Many participants were encouraged to attend not only because of the invaluable knowledge they would gain, but also the tools they would receive in order to work toward better personal oral health.

After the workshop there was a question and answer session, where many of those in attendance expressed being impressed about the information they had gained, including about the importance in flossing in a daily oral routine.  One resident shared that he’d be going directly to see a dentist the following week.

A lot of the older adults in attendance were worried that it was too late to begin a better oral routine. But with Myrna’s encouragement, they were able to see that good oral habits can be established at any time.

The workshop in Batavia is just the first of many Tooth Wisdom®: Get Smart About Your Mouth workshops to be delivered in the Chicagoland area.  With the help of White Crane Wellness Center, Oral Health America’s older adult program,the Wisdom Tooth Project®, hopes to bring this self-efficacy curriculum to as many older adults in vulnerable settings as possible.