It’s 2015! Take Charge of Your Oral & Overall Health This Year

Many people set goals for a healthier lifestyle in the New Year. Why not make one of your New Year’s resolutions improving your oral health?

The oral cavity is the gateway to your overall health. If our oral health is lacking, that can increase our risk for disease.  Poor oral health can make chronic conditions such as diabetes worse. And if you have a health issue like heart disease that can impact your oral health.

Healthy resolutions can keep your oral cavity healthy. Below are a few strategies to help you reach your goal.

Make flossing and brushing part of your daily routine

Be sure to brush and floss twice a day. You should brush for two minutes each time. Flossing is an easy and healthy habit you can in in less than a minute to prevent gum disease. With both of these elements you are on the right track to maintain a healthy smile.
To help make flossing and brushing part of your daily routine use Text2Floss for daily reminders.

Give your teeth a workout

Make healthy food choices by consuming fruits and vegetables each day. Healthy eating is important for your oral health. Poor nutrition can affect the entire body, increase susceptibility to gum disease and other oral complications. Antioxidants and nutrients are found in fruits and vegetables and improve your body’s ability to fight bacteria and protect your teeth and gums. For information on how to make healthy food choices visit here.

Be tobacco free

The use of tobacco can have a harmful impact on your oral cavity along with your overall health. From discoloration of teeth, plaque buildup, to oral cancer. Oral cancers are one of the toughest to treat. It is not just smoking tobacco that has negative effects on your oral health, smokeless tobacco does too.

Watch how tobacco changed 51 year old Terri’s life on YouTube.

Get fit and stick with it

Regular exercise helps improve your overall health and lowers your risk for chronic diseases. It is never too late to start adding physical activity to your weekly routine.

Pick activities that you enjoy and that match your abilities. This will help you stick with them.

The National Institute on Aging at NIH Go4Life program is here to help you get fit. Their website, Go4Life, has evidence-based resourced aimed to help you be physically active every day in ways that work for you.

Visit your dentist regularly

A regular dentist appointment is a great enhancement to the work you do in front of the bathroom mirror at home. Dentists are there to support your efforts and check out the parts of your mouth you cannot see at home. They are your personal oral health partner.

By taking charge of your oral health and incorporating healthy habits to your daily routine, you will have plenty reasons to smile all year long.