Older Americans Act Passes in the House

Oral Health America, the non-profit organization that owns www.toothwisdom.org, commends the recent passage of S.192, the Older Americans Act Reauthorization (OAA) by the House of Representatives. The OAA provides older adults with community services such as caregiving assistance, meals, and transportation that allow them to live longer, healthier, and more independently in their homes.

For the first time, the current OAA bill includes a provision that allows the aging network to provide oral health screenings at no new added cost! Oral health screenings can relieve future pain and incurred cost by detecting disease early on.

So what happens next? Because the bill was amended by the House, the Senate will need to approve it once more before it reaches the President’s office to be signed into law. However, this is expected to be a simple formality.

Infographic: Older American’s Act

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