Meet Eddy Goldfarb, Inventor of “Chattering Teeth” Toy

At age 6, Eddy Goldfarb knew he wanted to be an independent inventor. Around the age of 23, he invented one of his most popular items, Yakity-Yak wind-up teeth, commonly known as “chattering teeth,” something he thought would just be fun to create. His other successful inventions include Kerplunk, Shark Attack, Stompers and Spin-Art, among many others.

Eddy Goldfarb, inventor of Yakity-Yak or “chattering teeth” wind-up toy

Serving on a submarine in World War II, Eddy had time to read and started creating things. He thought about what he wanted to do after the War, and actually developed his first three inventions while aboard the submarine.

Today, at age 95, Eddy and his son work side-by-side creating new inventions through their company, Eddy & Martin Goldfarb & Associates. Eddy continues to come up with new creations in his garage everyday. In addition to toys, he also develops items for seniors to help keep them from falling down, such as railings in the bathroom or shower.

Eddy’s advice for seniors is to “pick up something in which you can be creative and that keeps you excited.” Sensational advice from an amazing person.