Meet Mary Lenox, Poet Extraordinaire & First-Time Published Author

Mary Lenox, age 71, decided to make some changes in her life when moving from her large home to a 711 square feet apartment in downtown Chicago in 2012. This move caused her to drastically downsize her belongings, but that only increased and evolved her commitment to embrace her poetic expression by writing every day.

Having to let go of about 3/4th of what she owned was not only a physical release, but also an emotional one for Mary.  It “opened up the space for the new: a new place of living, but also that was waiting in [her] spirit for [her] attention”. Ms. Lenox expressed that all of this is what “evoked [her] poetic expression.”

Now living in her downtown apartment, she gazes out her floor to ceiling, glass windows. She states that this change has “not only been eye-opening, but a revelation”. Furthermore, she states, “my poetry is fueling the energy of my life.”

To date, Mary has written over 300 poems and recently published her first book, titled Threads of Grace: Selected Poems. Her book is now available for purchase at

The following excerpt from an autobiographical poem in her book which expresses her gratitude for the gift of poetry:

“I write every day

To discover and uncover

My innermost thoughts and feelings

While witnessing and experiencing life

As I come of age, finally!”

An encouraging and inspiring message from Mary Lenox to keep in mind as we age is to “get in touch with your passion and fuel it with spirit.”