Infographic: Why is Oral Health Important for Older Adults?

By 2030, there will be more than 72 million older adults in the USA. Many will not have access to dental care, which will negatively affect their overall health.  It’s no secret that poor oral health = poor overall health.

The American Dental Association and Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors has created an infographic showing this problem, which includes significant statistics to support the importance of oral health in older adults. It shows that older adults experience:

  • More tooth decay
  • More tooth loss
  • More gum disease
  • Less ability to keep mouth and teeth clean
  • Fewer dental visits

Did You Know?

76% of older adults’ dental costs are paid out of pocket

38% of older adults perceived their oral health as fair or poor

40% of older adults have not seen a dental provider in the last year

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